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Patrick Velde
Head of School

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  1. Our daughter spent 5 wonderful years at SMS and we are so thankful for the community as a place where she learned, grew and was nurtured.

  2. Both of our children are thriving at SMS and we can’t wait for them to experience the new space!

  3. We are thrilled to be joining SMS this fall in such an exciting time for the school and community!

  4. As an alumni parent and former employee, I wholeheartedly believe in this mission and am delighted to witness SMS’s growth!

  5. Daughter will be there for her first year of school! Excited about a beautiful and comfortable environment for her to grow in.

  6. Our son Elias had an awesome experience at SMS many years ago and we continue to want to support the school. We are excited about the new campus. Thanks, Shawn Bowman-Hicks and Chuck Hicks

  7. I’m very thankful for my time in middle school when Mr. Velde taught at WMPCS. Looking back, I was very fortunate to learn and grow in such a great community. SMS is in good hands.

  8. Mr. Velde was my middle school teacher around 2010 at Washington Montessori and my overall Montessori education has given me an advantage over my peers ever since then to succeed in life and adapt to any situation. I also found a lifelong appreciation for the outdoors through my Montessori education. My home state of North Carolina is a better place with more Montessori schools.

  9. My family wants to support SMS because we believe in the mission and values of this school. We hope to become part of this community when our son begins kindergarten. We want this school to continue to succeed and grow so that lots of children have the opportunity to attend and receive the benefits from such an amazing program and staff.

  10. I went on a tour of the proposed site and was impressed that the basic blueprint for renovation and construction maintained the Montessori philosophy and centered on the best interests of children. I believe that the current leadership and decision making will make the new Salem Montessori a great success!

  11. We are supporting SMS to help provide the best learning experience for the children of our community.

  12. It’s a wonderful school and has been a great place for our daughter Ruby to begin her education journey.

  13. Our grand daughters have grown emotionally, cognitively and socially through the intentional activities planned by SMS staff. They look forward to going to school each day.

  14. We hate to be leaving, but wish SMS the best of luck with their incredible new school!!

  15. I love the idea of being able to invest in the lives of children. I have watched my grandsons thrive at Salem Montessori School and wish that all children could have this incredible experience. It is an honor to be able to support such a wonderful school!

  16. We are so excited to support the growth and new move for SMS. This school is such a special place for our family and we love that we can be a part of it.

  17. We are so grateful to get to work with this thoughtful and talented group of teachers and staff, who provide an ideal learning environment for our children

  18. We cannot say enough about what an amazing and positive impact SMS has made on our children. We will continue to support the exceptional teachers, team members and leaders here as much as we can; it is a pleasure and honor.

  19. SMS has become family over the past four years and what it has given our children is priceless. It has also made us more connected parents and being a part of this community is inspirational is so many ways. Our children are loved, valued, safe and nurtured each day we send them to school by the incredible staff and leadership. It truly is a special place to be a part of and we are so excited to be part of the growth at SMS. We hope more families will have the amazing opportunity to become part of the SMS community.

  20. I want to make the future SMS school location one that will cultivate an environment of learning, kindness and peace!

  21. SMS provides a holistic educational experience for my children and educational opportunities, community, and support for me as a parent.

  22. My own belief in Montessori School and having had Montessori teachers in my family. Donating to this local program because of the enthusiasm of JoAnn White in this program.

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