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A campaign to help furnish and outfit our new forever home

Come grow with us!

We started over 24 years ago in a basement as a dream to offer your children a place to learn, grow and thrive.

And now we’re excited to announce we’ve found and secured our forever home!

Starting in January 2023 we’re renovating the main building at 720 Coliseum Dr. into the premiere Montessori school in the southeast. This renovation is amortized into our lease, so it doesn’t cost us anything upfront. 

This give us the freedom to design the the best possible learning enviornment for your children, from toddler through 5th grade, to develop socially, intellectually and with purpose. 

And it will all be ready this August for the start of the 2023/2024 school year!

Now we’re humbly asking you to give what you can so we can upgrade the school with much-needed furnishing, and classroom and outdoor space materials.

Take a tour of the new location with Patrick Velde, head of Salem Montessori School

"I am confident the skills he's learned at Salem Montessori School will serve him for his entire life. I am so grateful for SMS!!"
Julie Wilson
SMS Parent
"My daughter has been given the greatest gift at SMS. She has been loved, taught grace, respect for herself and the world."
Sarah Moore
SMS Parent
"From the kindness of the teachers, to the confidence and smarts my kids have gained, SMS really is a genuine home away from home."
Hooman Bahrani
SMS Parent

A school with purpose

We spent over a year looking for a building that would integrate all of our students in one space and allow everyone to easily connect, socialize and learn from one another. Below are just a few of the benefits:

  • All classrooms have: restroom, sink and door directly to outside classroom
  • Lower Elementary (1st-3rd Grade): Also have sections based on different student learning profiles
  • Upper Elementary (4th-5th):  Also have rooms are also designed for technology integrations.
  • The Gathering Space Open space for up to 130 people for performances, flexible seating and more.
  • Breakout Zone Flexible space for learning, mentoring, collaborations and after school activities

The indoor school will be over 15,00 sq. ft and has been designed by our staff with proper Montessori design techniques in order to help your children develop intellectually, socially and confidently.

720 Coliseum Drive

Our new school will be located at 720 Coliseum Drive in Winston-Salem, NC.

It is centrally located making it easy to get to no matter where you’re coming from!

We’re about 2 minutes from Reynolda Gardens, about 10 minutes from the I-40 interchange off Silas Creek Parkway, and about 8 minutes to 421 via downtown Winston-Salem.

Natural Light Classrooms

“Peace begins with me” is at the core of our school. And we could not be more excited and proud to tell you that every classroom has large windows and will be filled with peaceful, calming and learning enhancing natural sunlight.

And if that wasn’t enough, every classroom will have its own private outdoor classroom and learning space. 

It’s enough to make you wish you were a student all over again!


The outdoor playscape will be over 37,800 sq. ft and designed by Kristen Haaf, professional landscape architect and owner of RootFirst (The only outdoor regenerative design architect firm in Winston-Salem) – and current SMS parent!

Kristen Haaf
Landscape Architect & SMS Parent

A purpose built outdoor space to learn and grow

We believe in the outdoors, and we believe in kids dressing for the sun, the rain, the cold. 

And when your kids have the freedom to learn inside and out, they become better stewards of the larger home planet we all share.

The outdoor space will be divided into:

  • The Climbing zone which will be built based on the land
  • Slide Hill with slides integrated into natural hills
  • The Farm where students will grow their own fresh herbs, vegetables, and flowers
  • The Picnic Grove where students can enjoy outdoor lunches
  • The Community Green for gathering and open play
  • Toddler Zone for the smaller students to play safely at their own pace

Monthly Progress Videos

We’ll be releasing videos every month until the project is complete. This will make it easy for you to keep up with the progress we’re making.

It’s also a great way for the kids to see all the amazing changes happening with their new school!

The first video from February 1, 2023 is ready. Just click play!▶️


Yes! We plan on offering several group tours between February and August of 2023. 

If you have a need for a personal tour or additional information, please email Head of School Patrick Velde at:

We will be updating this page with progress notes between February and September of 2023.

If you make a donation, you'll be added to the email update list and you'll receive more detailed updates about the renovation.


We welcome donations from grandparents, relatives, friends of families, former parents of SMS and excited and interested community members.

We plan on closing this growth campaign September 30, 2023.

Our minimum donation is $5. And we love anything you can give. Every little bit helps!

Yes, please! We would love if you shared this page in your network to help us grow!

We're happy to accept:

Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, online check (ACH).


Salem Montessori School is   is a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

You will receive a receipt with your donation and we mail out official documents in January.


There are plenty of avenues to help. Please email Assistant Head of School Catherine Greene at:

This is a big move for us, and our focus is on children and students through the 5th grade. 

But we know there is a thirst from existing parents and in the community to go beyond 5th.

We can continue to grow the school beyond 5th grade at our new location of 720 Coliseum Dr.